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Puerto Rico Real Estate Online Marketing

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We are looking for 10 Real Estate Agents in Puerto Rico or Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico to embark on a marketing venture that will brand you on the internet.

Our Goals:

We will not just target Puerto Rico.

We allow the world to know what is for sale so your clientele spans across the United States.

Create, reconstruct, and/or redesign your online pressure to stand out above your competition.

Reach a new level of online exposure for yourself and real estate career.

Become more confident in your skills to make new business connections and transactions.

View more of Tech PR to see the services we can offer you.

What would someone need:

It doesn’t matter what website you have now as long as you have a domain / hosting company, listing, and sales.

You must be an honest individual who is ready to commit to personal growth as well as business growth and evolution.

When we meet with you, we interview you in a Think Tank to give you creation in the market that teaches a compassion to extend more fully to your clients and their needs.

Puerto Rico Real Estate Marketing Overview

A regular newspaper ad or billboard starts off at $1100 or more a month.

We put together something that is designed to fit everyone’s criteria for exposure on the internet.

No job is too big or too small. We cater to all.

We are making our influence greater in Puerto Rico.

Our staff is well trained not only in internet marketing for real estate professionals, but in building brand foundations and running companies in the US and allowing each company to excel.

Join our Think Tank. Don’t be shy. Express yourself.

Reach out if you are a Real Estate Professional in Puerto Rico if you believe this is right for you.

We are also offering yearly slots with LOCATION EXCLUSIVITY FOR BROKERS ONLY to stand out in Puerto Rico and in a global market. Allow our Think Tank to help you come to the best solution to your current situation. 

All meetings and consulting are in English.

Contact for more information.

Call directly to speak to a representative.

939 492 9162

Executive Representatives

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Our executive staff and representatives strive to ensure the protection of your personal information through responsible practices.

We deploy all efforts to protect the private nature of your personal information. Since we collect information about you using our online services, we feel that it is important that you understand how we collect and use information.


All personal information collected by our executive staff and representatives are done so exclusively with your consent, by means of a form posted on our website, an email received from you or by telephone. No information is collected automatically.

Please email for a complete list of terms regarding your matter.


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