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We offer your business many services to take you to the next level.

Allow us to help you come to natural solutions any “problems” you think you have with your business.

 Work with an expert 1 on 1 and grow faster, as an individual and as a business unit. Join our TECH PR Think Tank™.

Computer Speedup or Tech Sanitizing Solutions. We have all the necessary cleaning skills for you.

Get recognized by Google Search as relevant for your business topics and services.

Our Mission

Here at TECH PR™, we work with you to figure out a solution to whatever situation you may be facing. We offer computer technical assistance and business services to all of Puerto Rico and the world! Whether you are an individual with computer malfunctions or you are a business owner looking for marketing solutions, our high skilled and versatile team is able to assist you with ease and grace.

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Our designers will create you a site that is clean, responsive, and personalized for your business message.  Adopt your Online Presence. Allow customers to find you online.

Rank on front page top spots in web searches for your business products and services. We offer custom advertisements for your business. We are Google Certified.

Photos + Videos

Build your brand to new heights with the implementation of professional photographs and video. We film custom ads, interviews, slideshows and more. Stand out above your competition.

We will start your social media presence from a place of strength and organization for your business to grow. Then you take it from there or we do more! We strategize together.


Our team in trained in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and certified in Google Mapping to give you the most exposure online when potential clients are searching for your business. Attract regulars, new clients, tourists, business men and women, and more paying customers to your business with your internet omnipresence on the most important search engines.

Take a Break with no Stress

Running a business is a liberating experience. We do understand that there are "situations" that occur within employees and business environments that effect business. Allow us to teach you and your employees our methods to enhance the business self.

Our method of Tactical Business Protection is to enhance all aspects of the inner self which translate into business consultations, situations, and every day life success.

This is a key skill all people and business people in this day and age need to learn to know how to conduct themselves correctly in completely business atmosphere.

If this right for your business and employees?
It is right for everyone.
Understand that everyone is a business.
Do business correct and keep those doors open.
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Tactical Business Protection TECH PR Puerto Rico

Consultations, Meetings, and Office Hours are by appointment only.

Call for more information.

Due to COVID-19, we recommend phone/video chat consultations for the safety of all. For in person appointments, please remember to wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer.

We understand that life is easier with a Fast Computer and Successful Business.

We are here to aid you with our expertise. Contact us for our personal mentorship program and take your business and life to the next level. Do you have what it takes?

Available for Remote Fixing (for US and International)
and Tech Sanitizing Solutions Drop off/Same Day Pickup (for Puerto Rico)

Tech PR Software and IT Service Puerto and Worldwide